A Cake is Born-Part 1

A Cake is Born-Part 1

Richard Reutter
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From start to finish each of our cakes are made the same way that Caroline made them in the kitchen of her childhood home in Lake City, SC and the kitchen where she perfected her craft and started Caroline's Cakes at her home in Annapolis, MD. It's no secret that Caroline was a perfectionist and her attention to detail and customer care continue to be a cornerstone of our culture here at the bakery in Spartanburg, SC.

At my christening in 1982 Caroline served the first of many 7-Layer Caramel cakes and her cake journey began. Throughout the years Mom would get requests for a cake here and there and she would always have them ready and waiting for pickup on the joggling board on my parents front porch. All you had to do was come by the house, find the cake with your name on it, and leave a check in the Big Red Tin. It was all done on the honor system! 

Did you ever pick up one of our 7-Layer Caramel cakes from the house in Annapolis? I would love to hear your stories! Please feel free to share in the comments.

Richard R. Reutter


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