Customer Favorites: Summer Seasonals

Customer Favorites: Summer Seasonals

Richard R. Reutter
2 minute read


Our summer favorites are here! We are excited to see these sweet and savory offerings center stage at celebrations all season long. See what our customers have to say about their summer favorites: 

Peach Raspberry Delight

“Delicious, just delicious. These cakes never disappoint. I normally get the caramel, but I love peaches and decided to try this one. I am very picky about my cakes so much so I rarely eat the icing, cause most icing is just sugar and butter with little flavor. The icing on this particular cake has hints of lemon and peach. Definitely for serious cake connoisseurs. If you’re bringing the dessert or having a brunch this cake is a lighter fair of heavenly deliciousness and it will be the star of the event. My first order was delayed due to a storm, they called to let me know and sent a replacement. I am so pleased with this company I wish I could own stock in it.” -Ele

7-Layer Key Lime 

“A slice of heaven…That's exactly what this featherlight, moist, delicate and beautiful delight full of sunny lime flavor, yet not overbearingly, and intoxicatingly tropical. Simply addictive.” -Dawn

Caroline Style BBQ

I am from SC. I miss that good ole whole hog barbecue!! I ordered barbecue from Caroline's and it was wonderful!!” -Debbie

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