Father's Day interview Series: Amy Mills from 17th Street Barbecue

Father's Day interview Series: Amy Mills from 17th Street Barbecue

Richard R. Reutter
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Fun and happy traditions run about as deep as the barbecue roots in Amy Mills' family. 'Legendary' doesn't even begin to describe the level of cooking and 'cue that 17th Street Barbecue produces for their customers and we were thrilled to catch up with Amy to talk about some of her favorite Father's Day traditions.   Enjoy our interview below!

What is one of your favorite traditions or memories with your Dad?

Traveling all over the country to spend time with and interview barbecue friends while writing Peace, Love, and Barbecue is a treasured memory.

What is something your Dad always said? (A catch phrase, a piece of advice, something he was right about! etc.)

"I wouldn't change a thing."

Any special words of advice that you'd like to share with Dads? (serious or funny)

There are two kinds of people in this world-the givers and the takers.   Be a giver.

Fill in the blank: If I turn on                   song it immediately brings a smile to my husband's face.

God Bless the USA-Lee Greenwood.   My Dad was a proud American and, while he had strong political opinions, he very much believed in respect for elected officials of any party and in working together to achieve great results.

We have to ask...what is your favorite layer cake?

Coconut cloud.   My Dad adored coconut!

Coconut Cloud Cake

Coconut Cloud Cake


Fresh Coconut Icing fills four delicate layers of yellow cake to create the most delicious dessert you can imagine-truly a cloud cake. Fresh coconut is carefully mixed into the icing, creating a taste worlds apart from the coconut cake to… read more

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