Father's Day Interview Series-Katie Couric

Father's Day Interview Series-Katie Couric

Richard R. Reutter
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We want to celebrate Father's Day by hearing from some of our favorite friends and colleagues as they share memorable moments, traditions, and celebrations with the Father's in their lives. I have absolutely loved growing this interview series and getting the chance to share these conversations with all of you is a special treat. To start things of this Father's Day, we spoke with Katie Couric (yes, THE Katie Couric!!!!). Katie and I spoke after we discovered that our 7-Layer Caramel cake was her Dad's favorite, so much so that she even mentioned it in her book, Going There. She could not have been more gracious with her time and generous with the memories and traditions that she had with her Father.

I hope you all enjoy!

Katie Couric Interview

What is one of your favorite traditions or memories with your Dad?

I can't think of my Dad without thinking of him sitting in his wingback chair in his office, quizzing me for my gov test when I was a junior in high school. He knew how important it was for me to do well that year to get into a good college, and getting into a good college meant everything to him.

What is something your Father always said? (A catch phrase, a piece of advice, something that he was right about! etc.)

"Elinor, don't encourage her." My Mom would get a big kick out of me at the dinner table and laugh at everything I said and did. My Dad tried to stifle himself but I could tell he got a kick out of me too. In an effort to maintain some dinner table decorum though, he would look at my Mom and say "Elinor, don't encourage her." He also called me irrepressible, which I took as a great compliment.

Any special words of advice that you'd like to share with Dads? (Serious or funny)

Always encourage your daughters to take risks and don't protect them from failure. Figuring out how to deal with it is one of life's most important skills.

Fill in the blank: If I turn on                   song it immediately brings a smile to my Father/my husband's face.

"As time goes by" always brought a smile to my Dad's face, especially when I played it on the piano.

(You can listen to this song and others from our interview series on Spotify: Father's Day Interview Playlist)

We know from your book that your Father's favorite cake was a Caroline's Caramel cake. We have to ask...What is your favorite layer cake?

Vanilla cake with chocolate frosting. Although Caramel cake is a close second and I accept deliveries!

7-Layer Southern Chocolate

7-Layer Southern Chocolate


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Souther Chocolate cake-Katie Couric

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