Father's Day Interview Series-Pappy & Co. Founders Carrie Greener, Louise Breen, and Chenault James

Father's Day Interview Series-Pappy & Co. Founders Carrie Greener, Louise Breen, and Chenault James

Richard R. Reutter
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If you're familiar with Pappy & Co. then you know that family traditions run deep for its founders. Carrie, Louise, and Chenault built a whole world around the iconic bourbon company founded by their great-grandfather. We first met the three sister founders at the Charleston Wine + Food Festival and became fast friends as we swapped familial friends names and family stories over copious amounts of cake, wine, and bourbon ball samples. I have enjoyed the time I have spent with them and love seeing how they have grown Pappy & Co. and built it on many of the same foundational characteristics as Caroline's Cakes. I hope you enjoy reading our  Father's Day interview with the Van Winkle triplets. We certainly enjoyed hearing some of their favorite Father's Day traditions and memories!

Pappy & Co. Father's Day Photo

What is one of your favorite traditions or memories with your Dad?

Growing up, summers on Lake Michigan on the "Go Faster Daddy". Endless hours of tubing, listening to tunes, anchoring for picnics-now our kids are building those same memories with him.

What is something your Father always says? (A catch phrase, a piece of advice, something he was right about! etc.)

Giving advice is not his natural tendency, but I can hear him saying, "How are you gonna pay for that?" which is his way of saying, make sure you can afford it. He has always taught through his actions, not his words and he's an example of living within your means. He's rubbed off on us in life and in business.

Fill in the blank: If I turn on                   song it immediately brings a smile to my Father's face.

A Vince Gill or Motown song. He likes music too much to pick one! But something nostalgic.

(You can listen to this song and others from our interview series on Spotify: Father's Day Interview Playlist)

You can't go wrong with a day spent               ! i.e. What is your Dad's ideal Father's Day family activity?

Grilling outside with family listening to good music.

What is your Dad *actually* hoping to receive for Father's Day?

Probably nothing. We usually give him things he most likely wasn't hoping for. Like a random gadget or clothing item.

We have to ask...what is your Dad's favorite Caroline's Cakes flavor to celebrate with?

Definitely the original Caramel Cake without question! It has taken on a level of nostalgia in our family which is praise to Richard and all he has done to carry on his Mother's legacy.

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