Mom takes the cake!

Mom takes the cake!

Richard Reutter
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Today we celebrate all of the Mom's in our cake community and everywhere!   It's certainly no secret that all Moms have super powers, but today is their day to kick back, have a slice of cake (or two!), and relax.   I have been fortunate enough to have learned from and been influenced by some amazing Moms in my life and this year is special Mother's Day because it is Cole's second one as a Mom! 

Watching her with baby Caroline has been absolutely amazing and I love every second of it.   She told me this morning that she often times tells baby Caroline stories of her namesake and it was such a special thing to hear.   My Mom taught me so much about life, learning, business, and what it meant to truly take care of people.   "If somebody is having a rough day, then you need to wrap your arms around that person.   It doesn't matter whether you are on the phone with them or pass them on the street, the way you treat others should have a positive impact on their day."   That's exactly what we strive to do at Caroline's Cakes and it's the type of things that all Mother's do instinctively and we love them for it.

So today let's celebrate all the Moms!   Bring them flowers, make them breakfast in bed, and of course let them eat CAKE!   

From our house to yours, Happy Mother's Day!   We will be celebrating with Crab Cakes with Low Country Dip, and Gluten Free Caramel Cake Bites.   Hope you all have a wonderful day!


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