Mother’s Day Traditions: Brian Hart Hoffman

Mother’s Day Traditions: Brian Hart Hoffman

Richard R. Reutter
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We asked some of our most inspiring, like-minded friends about their Mother’s Day traditions– from when they were growing up to the traditions they are now passing down. Hear from Brain Hart Hoffman, Founder/Editor-in-chief Bake from Scratch magazine (@thebakefeed), below. 


What is one of your favorite traditions or memories with your mother?

I always loved when my mom took me and my twin brother, Eric, on business trips. This is what made me fall in love with travel. I was also able to watch my mom create a business, pursue her passions, and always put her family first.


 What is something your mother always said? (a catch phrase, a piece of advice, something she was right about! etc.)

“No one loves you like your mom loves you.”

What's your favorite way to decorate a layer cake?

I like big swoopy frosting on the top with “naked” sides.

We have to ask... what Caroline's Cake flavor would you love to celebrate your mom's Mother's Day with?

7-Layer Coconut Cloud Cake


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