Mother’s Day Traditions: Dorothy Shain

Mother’s Day Traditions: Dorothy Shain

Richard R. Reutter
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We asked some of our most inspiring, like-minded friends about their Mother’s Day traditions– from when they were growing up to the traditions they are now passing down. Hear from Dorothy Shain, Founder and Creative Director of Dorothy Shain Fine Art & Design, below. 

What is one of your favorite traditions or memories with your mother?

Cooking together in the kitchen and setting the table in a fun way.


What is something your mother always said? (a catch phrase, a piece of advice, something she was right about! etc.) or What is something you are always saying to your girls?

​"You have to put your oxygen mask on first" ( meaning if you don't take care of yourself - you can't take care of others )” 


What is a tradition you are excited to create for your own little one on the way? 

​Sunday night dinners. My whole life there were so many friends + family at our house on Sunday. My parents were always cooking. Something was always on the grill. It was the best way to start the week and I always looked forward to it. 


We have to ask... what Caroline's Cake flavor would you love to celebrate Mother's Day with?   ​Caramel cake

See more from Dorothy on Instagram: @Dorothy_Shain

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