Mother’s Day Traditions: Mini Hay Avant + Kathleen Hay Hagood Croghans

Mother’s Day Traditions: Mini Hay Avant + Kathleen Hay Hagood Croghans

Richard R. Reutter
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We asked some of our most inspiring, like-minded friends about their Mother’s Day traditions– from when they were growing up to the traditions they are now passing down. Hear from Mini Hay Avant and Kathleen Hay Haygood, of Croghan's Jewelry in Charleston, below. 

What is one of your favorite traditions or memories with your mother?

Our Mom has always been a great adventurer! Maybe it's because she was a working mom, so any time we had with her was jam packed with fun! Even a bike ride around town with her turned into her teaching us how to ride our bikes down the steps at high battery (which was such a thrill for a 6 year old!) and showing us all the secret alley ways around town. She's also an amazing hostess so even just a Sunday supper turns into a great celebration of just being together! She's also continued our grandmother's tradition of an annual Easter Egg Hunt, complete with live bunny petting zoo and a beautiful table of all of Mama's Easter egg collections! 

What is something your mother always said? (a catch phrase, a piece of advice, something she was right about! etc.) 

We've realized that the old saying is so true, no one knows you better than your mom and in our case no one gives better advice! Growing up we were terribly shy and she always encouraged/ forced us to speak to everyone! Even though we hated it at the time, it's turned out to be such sound advice. We've also witnessed her strong faith which she's instilled in us. She taught us to turn our worries over to God and to pray, always! And boy has St. Anthony saved us on more than one occasion! 

Kathleen, what is a tradition you are excited to create for your own little one?

I’ve learned from mom that packing days full of fun and adventure is such a gift! I hope to continue that with our boys. We love spending time outdoors and enjoying the beautiful Lowcountry!  

I also love the Easter Egg Hunt tradition my grandmother and mom created! I would love to continue  that celebration for the next generation. 

Mini, we love your creativity and those amazing Croghan's windows.  What's your favorite way to decorate a cake?

I have learned it's maybe best to leave the cakes to the professionals (ahem, Caroline's Cakes!) so my favorite way to celebrate an occasion is by drawing special birthday cards for whoever we are celebrating. But now that I think of it, some of my doodles have become cake toppers after all, nothing like a last minute party at the hay house! 


We have to ask... what Caroline's Cake flavor would y'all love to celebrate your mom's Mother's Day with?

Our Mom's Mom loved the Caramel cake and we had one in the freezer at all times and it made an appearance at every gathering! So I'm keeping with our happy memories, we have to stick with the classic caramel!


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