7 Facts About our Caramel!

7 Things to Know about our Caramel Cake

As many of you know, Caroline served her first Caramel Cake at my christening in 1982. The power of word of mouth quickly spread the legend of the 7-Layer Caramel Cake across the country and before Mom realized it, she had customers from as far away as Alaska and Hawaii wondering how soon they could get a Caramel Cake!

In the beginning, Mom had a baker in South Carolina who would make the cakes, and they would be shipped up on our grandfather's charcoal trucks or picked up during one of our family trips south from Maryland. Discover 7 things about our famous caramel cake below: 

  1. It takes all day to make! 
  2. Only three people in the bakery know the recipe, and it’s not written down. We like to say, “It’s learned, not taught.”
  3. Each year the bakery produces almost 100,000 pounds of caramel icing. That’s a lot of cakes! 
  4. It took Caroline months of trial and error to perfect the recipe. 
  5. After more than thirty years, it remains our best seller. 
  6. Our caramel cake is truly the world’s best–no one makes it like we do! 
  7. We will never change our recipe, so our caramel will always taste like the caramel that so many of you made with your parents and grandparents growing up!

Eat Cake. Be Happy. 


  • This is the best Caramel Cake I’ve ever eaten! Seriously!!

    P Gibson
  • When will you be restocked. After the holidays. Will desperately miss your Caramel cake this New Years. 😩❤️

  • I received the 7 layer caramel cake for my birthday. The very first bite I realized it was the most delicious cake I have ever had. After a few more bites, I realized there was something odd about the frosting. While it had an INCREDIBLE flavor, the texture was “gritty”. It felt and tasted like an incredible caramel flavor was added to raw white sugar, crunchy/gritty. It would be great to have a minute or two of “cooking” of the flavoring and sugar first, to thoroughly dissolve the sugar, so it doesn’t taste gritty. But I loved the flavor and would love to see this one small change.


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