Cakes for a Cause

Caroline's Cakes Fundraising for Charity

Before Caroline realized she was selling a large enough number of her Caramel Cakes to support the start-up of a business, her life was filled with volunteering. Giving back to the communities that touched her life was very important to her. When she incorporated Caroline’s Cakes, her life became overwhelmed with learning how to run her business, leaving no time to participate in the volunteer work she had enjoyed in the past.

Through customers and friends, Caroline learned about the various benefit shows that are put on by charitable organizations all over the country to raise money for different causes. These organizations invite unique vendors to participate, and each vendor gives back a percentage of their sales to the charity that is being supported. As Caroline’s Cakes began participating in a few of these fundraising events, word spread, and other organizations discovered the uniqueness of her company’s products. Today, Caroline's Cakes has had the opportunity to support many charitable causes across the country.

Caroline never hesitated to try a new show and traveled to many states, pulling her trailer loaded with freezers full of cakes to support the fundraising efforts of many organizations and to promote her products. It was not only fulfilling to support so many wonderful charities, but it also gave Caroline the opportunity to personally meet many of her customers. There have been many Caramel Cake stories told and many samples “oohed and aaahed” over at her booth.

Caroline's Cakes continues traveling nationwide, participating in a number of different shows in support of a number of different causes. If you would like Caroline's Cakes to participate in your event or see our booth in your city, please contact us directly at