Father’s Day Traditions with Maggie Revel Mielcarek, Founder of Leland Gal

In preparation for Father’s Day, we’ve gathered our friends to share their favorite memories with their dads, fatherly advice, multi-generational traditions, favorite cake flavors and more. Read below to hear from Maggie Revel Mielczarek, Founder of Leland Gal.  

What is one of your favorite traditions or memories with your two dads?

“The Men, The Cake, The Legends. ”I am lucky enough to have TWO dads! My dad, Jim, and my stepdad, Smitty are both very special to me. I would say that my favorite memories with my Dad have been learning how to connect with people anywhere, anytime, and the ability to stay in touch with so many. He doesn't know a stranger. He also taught me the love of racquet sports, and we spent hours in the basement perfecting ping pong, all the skills learned I now use in pickleball. :) .  My Stepdad equally has held long standing friendships and annual trips with friends from elementary school and has greatly influenced a love of golf,  the art of making a delicious soup, and the importance of enjoying a classic vanilla ice cream cone. 


What is something your dads always say? (a catch phrase, a piece of advice, something he was right about! etc.). 

My Dad- We chuckle about his "A failure to plan is a plan to failure".... Generally speaking, my heart does love spontaneity, but as a business owner, I have come to love a good plan of action, and I completely get where he is coming from on this one. As much as I don't always love the time it takes to plan things, it does allow for so many more things to get accomplished! 

Smitty - Smitty is known to hang on to catch phrases through time like "Been there, done that" and "Not" which always makes me laugh, but he also has been a calming voice when we have come to him with a problem which usually he can downplay to help me get perspective. He will say "Mags, nobody died, we can work through this". 


If I turn on ____ song it immediately brings a smile to my dads faces.

Sweet Baby James - James Taylor for my Dad

Feelin' alright- Joe Cocker for Smitty. 


You can't go wrong with cake and a day spent……? 

Dad- Driving vintage cars. My dad has been a collector over the years, and we do also share this affinity for the color and lines of old cars. 

Smitty- Treating ourselves to a round of 18 followed by cake! (and vanilla ice cream :) ) 


What are your dads *actually* hoping to receive for Father's Day? 

I can agree that both of them enjoy the gift of time with family more than anything else! 


We have to ask...what would be your dads’ favorite Caroline's Cakes flavors to celebrate with? I've never had a Caroline's cake that I didn't love, they are all so delicious and special in their own way. It's a hard call between the carmel and the coconut!  We personally LOVE the caramel! XX


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