Father’s Day Traditions with Natalie Steen, Founder of the Nat Note

In preparation for Father’s Day, we’ve gathered our friends to share their favorite memories with their dads, fatherly advice, multi-generational traditions, favorite cake flavors and more. Read below to hear from Natalie Steen, Founder of The Nat Note 

What is one of your favorite traditions or memories with your dad? Growing up in Miami meant we were Disney kids - it was a car ride away and our favorite place to go. So it was very special and nostalgic to get to take my oldest son when he turned three with my Dad. When a child discovers Disney World for the first time it’s magical - but getting to see your own experience it while holding your Dad’s hand (just as you did) is another level. We’re already planning to go again next year - this time it will be my youngest son’s first time.  

What is something your father always says/said? (a catch phrase, a piece of advice, something he was right about! etc.) Love what you do, never work a day in your life.

If I turn on ____ song it immediately brings a smile to my father's face? Under My Thumb - The Rolling Stones

You can't go wrong with cake and a day spent….? Spending the day with our family: a perfect boat day followed by his beating us all in tennis. 

What is your dad and/or husband *actually* hoping to receive for Father's Day? Quality time with his children & grandchildren. Next best thing would be a Dukes’ martini. 

We have to ask...what would be your dad's and/or husband's favorite Caroline's Cakes flavor to celebrate with? Key Lime! A taste of the Caribbean for our Havana-born patriarch. 

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