Father’s Day Traditions with Wells Maley, Founder of Swells of Splendor

In preparation for Father’s Day, we’ve gathered our friends to share their favorite memories with their dads, fatherly advice, multi-generational traditions, favorite cake flavors and more. Read below to hear from Wells Maley, Founder of Swells and Splendor

What is one of your favorite traditions or memories with your dad?

One of my favorite memories with my dad is “jumping waves” at the beach. When I was a toddler, I’d hold his hand and and hop over the (what I considered) massive waves that crashed on the shoreline. I truly felt like a daredevil and D1 athlete. 

What is something your father always says/said? (a catch phrase, a piece of advice, something he was right about! etc.)

My dad never fails to remind me to "bring a jacket" should it be under 70 degrees out. It makes me chuckle, but he’s also right— I’m very cold natured!

If I turn on ____ song it immediately brings a smile to my father's face.

What A Wonderful World by Louis Armstrong— it was our father-daughter dance at my wedding!

You can't go wrong with cake and a day spent…..? 

At the beach… or in the sun! My family lives in Atlanta, so not near water. Nevertheless, my dad will still spend 15 minutes (at least) a day in the sun on our back porch. He truly does “find his beach” anywhere!

What is your dad *actually* hoping to receive for Father's Day?

My dad loves Popeyes fried chicken. Every father’s day he looks forward to that meal!

We have to ask...what would be your dad's favorite Caroline's Cakes flavor to celebrate with?

Undoubtedly caramel!! That is his favorite cake flavor to begin with, and Caroline’s recipe knocks it out of the park!

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