How to Set the Thanksgiving Table with Caroline’s Cake

As we are looking forward to Thanksgiving this year, we are inspired to share our favorite ways to set the table​​. To achieve a beautiful, memorable table setting it is important to layer elements that are true to your individual style. Here, we curated a dynamic tablescape using colorful linens, amethyst wine glasses from Estelle Colored Glass, and sentimental china-- the ideal conversation starter! And of course, the finishing touches: a few of our favorite Caroline's Cakes flavors topped with seasonal garnishes. Because, at the end of the day, the food on the table is just as important as the people around it (and the table setting)! 

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  • I just received your 7-layer caramel cake today. It was absolutely delicious111 Thank you so much.

    Jacksonville Beach, FL

    Patsy Hill

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