Inside the Red Tin

The container that started it all. Back in TK (1982?) Mom would take requests for Caramel Cakes and leave the freshly baked goods on the joggling board in front of our home in Annapolis, Maryland. The whole operation ran on the honor system– the recipients would find the cake with their name on it and drop a check in the Big Red Tin. Though our cake flavors have extended far beyond Caramel and we solicit the help of our friends at UPS to have them delivered, we still use ole faithful– packaging each Caroline’s Cake in a Big Red Tin. Some of our favorite stories include those of friends sharing how they repurpose their tins– from memorabilia boxes to kids using them as drum sets. One thing is certain, the Big Red Tin is an undeniably special part of the foundation of Caroline’s Cakes and we are grateful for the opportunity to continue the tradition. 

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