Mother’s Day with Sandra Campos, CEO, Founder, Board Member and CNBC Contributor


Caroline’s Cakes was founded by and named after my mom, Caroline. Having her as a mother, mentor, and role model was an invaluable experience for which I am so grateful, and some of my fondest memories were spent with Caroline. 

With this sentiment in mind, and in honor of Mother’s Day, we’ve tapped some of our most inspiring friends and colleagues to share their favorite memories, traditions, and occasions with their moms. 

Read below, and celebrate these influential women alongside us.

 Sandra Campos

CEO, Founder, Board Member and CNBC Contributor

What is one of your favorite traditions or memories with your mother? 

The most important lesson I learned from my immigrant mother was the value of continuing education. In addition to being a full- time working mom to six children, she also attended night school in order to gain skills that would prepare her for greater professional opportunities. This is the main reason I focus on learning new skills to become more well-rounded. 

What is something your mother always says/said? or What is something you are always saying to your children?“ 

“People come and go in life but Families are forever.” 

What is a tradition you are excited to carry on or one you're excited to create? 

We always played games in my family. My mother loves chess, dominoes, any game that engages the entire family. It’s a tradition we continue each holiday. She also made a special effort to take each of her children to a location of their choice, anywhere in the world, to celebrate their school graduation. I look forward to spending individual trips with each of my kids in order to create a special bond and provide them with unique experiences. 

If I turn on ____ song it immediately makes/made my mom want to kick up her heels. 

When I hear any old Neil Diamond or Julio Iglesias music, I know it would make my mom smile and be moved. 

We have to ask... what Caroline's Cake flavor would you love to celebrate Mother's Day with? 

I’m a red velvet lover and Caroline’s Cakes has THE best of the best!! It’s a little blend of chocolate (my Mexican heritage) and red coloring which reminds me of my mother who never leaves home without fully made up red lips. 

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