Peach Cake Bites have arrived!

7 Things you Need to Know about our New Peach Raspberry Cake and Cake Bites

  1. Despite popular belief, the peach is the state fruit of South Carolina, not Georgia, where Caroline’s Cakes is headquartered. We wanted to pay homage to one of our favorite summer treats.
  2. There are more than two pounds of peaches in each cake! 
  3. It took us five months and endless sampling to perfect this cake. 
  4. The recipe testing remains true to Caroline’s Cakes. We literally take it down to the ounce and precise weight of each layer. 
  5. The cake bite has a white cake base with peach pieces baked in. It is then topped with peach buttercream and enrobed in white chocolate. 
  6. So far, the farthest the peach cake has traveled  from our headquarters in Spartanburg, SC is to Portland, OR–more than 2,700 miles. 
  7. The Peach Raspberry Cake and Cake Bites are only available for the summer season! 

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  • Where are your crab cakes!?

    Sandra Helm

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