Say Cheese!Smile for the BEST Cheese Biscuits you have ever had!

When we moved Caroline's Cakes out of the house and into our first storefront we finally had a little more space. With that space came new opportunities for cake flavors, fun retail items, but for me it was all about our cheese biscuits.  

Cheese Biscuit Dough

I jumped at the opportunity to bring something from my childhood memories into the business the same way that Mom had brought the Caramel cake to life. Just like with our cakes, I wanted our cheese biscuits to have a bit of nostalgia baked into them and they have certainly been a hit! Our biscuits have a little crunch, and a little heat, but not too much of either. The cayenne pepper has just enough of a pop to make you reach for your cocktail and even the crumbs left after each bite pack tons of flavor.   

One of the tricks to getting these just right is knowing how thick to roll out the dough. They are not biscuits in the traditional sense of being tall, soft, and fluffy. Instead, they bear a close resemblance to a cracker, with a delicate crunch. They pair beautifully with a cocktail and are often paired with some salted pecans. If you like cheese biscuits, you're sure to love ours!

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