The Caramel Cake-iversary: Honoring our Mission

The very first Caramel Cake was served at my christening back in 1982. Since then, we have personally served this cake at many celebrations, including our daughter Caroline’s christening in 2019. These family traditions, along with the thousands of others our valued cake community has invited us to be a part of, are the very heart of Caroline’s Cakes. My mom’s original mission statement was "to produce or provide superior, traditional, mostly Southern, food products. To engage in business in such a way as to provide an environment of Southern hospitality, always putting the customer first. Provide an interesting, friendly and enjoyable place to work for our employees."⁠ Her core values of enthusiasm, hospitality, and benevolence continue to inspire our work to this day. We hope you all experience Caroline’s vision the next time you celebrate with us!



  • The best Carmel cake I’ve eaten since losing my grandmother 31 years ago and my Mom 10 years ago. I had such a treat to have one of your Carmel cakes. It stayed moist, fresh and every bite delicious over 6 weeks of time. I have ordered another cake for Thanksgiving. Thank you for great taste and the memories .

  • The cakes baked here are fantastic! The first one I tried was the blackberry/lime cake. I treated my cousin in Snellville, Ga to the same cake; and they loved it as well. I recently ordered two for my brother in W.Va.; (he can’t wait to taste them. I just ordered the pink champagne cake for my best friend and her family. With all that being said; then you’ll know these cakes are fantastic.

    Jacqueline Bass
  • I have recently found this gem of Caroline’s cakes this year while visiting my sister in South Carolina. I’m a newbie to this time honored tradition and very humble to continue being a customer for life. I absolutely love your cakes, and pimento cheese. My family also adores all of your confections. Thank you Caroline’s cakes for being a top notch business

    Karen Jackson
  • I love all the cakes. I shared the same birthday with Caroline. I am happy I met her in Maryland.

    Brenda Wilner

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