The Southern Summit

This past week I had the pleasure of attending my very first Southern Summit in Sea Island, Georgia.   The summit is put on my The Southern Coterie and is an amazing way for Southern entrepreneurs to meet, gather, laugh, and learn.   Over the course of two days we heard from amazing speakers like Lydia Fenet who spoke about developing a "strike" method when speaking publicly in addition to a number of confidence building methods for every business owner in the room.   It was a very inspiring opening speech and we enjoyed speaking with her afterwards about her book, The Most Powerful Woman in the Room is Youespecially when she told us she had a Caramel Cake in her freezer at home! 

Following Lydia were some of the best and brightest that we have had the opportunity to learn from.   We had a chance to hear from our friends at Ballyhoo + Co. , Amanda Lindroth, Jessica Derrick and Holly Williams, and so many more.   In addition to all of the wonderful speakers we also had a chance to meet so many new people and introduce them to Caroline's Cakes and hear about their businesses as well.

Even though I had to leave early because of the severe weather in Spartanburg, I had such a valuable experience in Sea Island and I am looking forward to next years summit!

Now it's off to put all this new knowledge to good use at the bakery!

Richard R. Reutter


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