The Taste of Tradition delivered right to your door!

At Caroline's Cakes, we are known for our celebrated cake flavors and pantry favorites, as well as for our attentive customer service team. We take every step to ensure your order is made fresh and delivered directly to your door. Read below to see your cake's journey from our ovens to your tables!  

Step 1: Cakes are handmade and iced to perfection at our Spartanburg, SC bakery.

7-Layer Caramel Cake

Step 2: Your order is then personalized with a custom note atop our signature red tin.
'Happy Birthday to you!'
Caroline's Cakes Custom Packaging

Step 3: Cakes are then carefully placed into our custom packaging (Caroline designed our cooler herself!). Each cake is shipped with dry ice to ensure freshness upon arrival.

Caroline's Cakes Custom Cooler

Step 4: Your order arrives at your door! 

 Caroline's Cakes Arrival

Step 5: Eat Cake. Be Happy.

Eat Cake. Be Happy.


  • My sister and her husband sent us one of your cakes for my 80th last year. It was so well packed and the directions were very clear on preservation and defrosting. It made my day! Thank you for what you do to make an event so special.

    Evelyn Springer
  • I couldn’t find directions for thawing cake I received yesterday. I put in freezer and want to serve on Thanksgiving. When and how long to thaw for serving?

    Diana Weir
  • I just received my caramel cake. What are the thawing instructions.

    Mary McDermott
  • Hi Guys, Freeze this lovely cake until we get there. My Gram use to make this cake from Mississippi to Michigan. See you soon.
    Kisses, Mum and Lan

    Ruth A. Tolly
  • Do you make the Christmas yule log cake?

    Patti A Maxwell-Masotti

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